Asbestos Inspection Keeps The Community Safe

One of the dangerous substances that can be found in old commercial buildings and houses is asbestos. This material is known around the world as a health hazard and is currently banned in most countries. This material should not be inhaled by humans because of the dangerous fibers that is found in asbestos. Asbestos can eventually lead to lung cancer and other serious lung conditions. Scientist and archaeologist have performed studies that suggest that asbestos has been used in the Stone Age to strengthen ceramic pots. This material had been used during the entire 20th century before people started to recognize the severe health hazards that it causes. Studies have shown that about a hundred thousand people are dying from diseases that have been caused by asbestos exposure.

Even though studies have been done and it has been proven that asbestosis is a danger that can cause major health issues some countries like Russia continue to mine and use asbestos as building materials. Russia is currently the number one producer of asbestos. The country produces close to 1 million metric tons annually.

When To Perform An Inspection

In many cities with buildings that were built between 1920 and 1989 asbestos materials were almost always used in the building process. In states like New Jersey where most of the buildings are older you must perform an asbestos inspection nj because of the potential health risks. One of the first steps that needs to be taken when trying to figure out if an asbestos inspection is needed is that it has to be determined when the building was constructed. Once this is determined the inspection can then be performed. Individuals can use the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines to determine what materials need to be inspected for asbestos. It has been proven that asbestos is not just found in buildings but it is also found in automotive brakes, hair dryers, and gas heaters. Other sources that contain asbestos are walls, flooring, pipes, textured paint, insulation, and electric wine.

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Testing For Asbestos

When a person is testing for asbestos it is important that the area must be sprayed with water to keep any loose fibers from getting into the air. The technicians use a specific tool to cut and take a sample of the substance that needs to be tested. Once this sample is obtained it is then placed into a container, sealed, and then shipped to a lab to be tested. The test must be done by the Environmental Protection Agency approved contractor who is trained and licensed.  Asbestos testing is very important to do because of the high risk of contracting mesothelioma and other lung cancers. Individuals have to be mindful of this serious problem because if it affects an adult in such a horrible manner just use your imagination and think about the effect it can have on infants and children. In the United States contractors and builders have stopped using asbestos. Even though this is being done there are still cases where asbestos is found and it has caused lung cancer or even death.