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The Process of Company Formation

Registration of companies has been made much faster since the process can now be done online due to the progression being made by the constant development of technology, the process is now facilitated by company formation agents who manage to complete the procedure in a matter to about 3 working hours, this process has therefore helped people who had no clue where to start during the application process to get assistance. The company formation process is a key element, for those people who want to venture into new companies to take into consideration and there are steps that need to be followed to the letter to see the process through. The procedure of registering companies to become an entity that is legal is called company registration or company formation.

For one to be able to start running their business well, they need to have a few things in mind during the company registration process, this discussion will aim at elaborating some of these things. One factor that needs to be carefully thought through is the name that should be used to represent the company, the name should be unique and one such way of finding out if any other company is registered with the same name is by entering it into a name-check tool that is online, it compares the keyed in name with the list of company names at Company house. The process of checking the company’s suggested name against an index of other company names in the Companies house is very fast and one can immediately know whether to keep the name or do away with it.

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There are then packages to choose from that will best represent the company, they range from those that are for companies that are either limited by guaranteed incorporations or limited by share, it is very important to choose from these which will work best for your company. Another step that is important during the Company formation is to make sure that the addresses are included and that they are functional this is to make sure that the company can easily be located or even contacted.

The company formation procedure also has to include the name of the directors or just any one who is in the position of directing, this could either be several people or a single person as well, a detailed document of the memorandum and Standard industrial classification code of activities that shows how control will be executed by the shareholders should also be included in the application.

When the company is registered then a certificate of incorporation will be issued with gives the date and number of formation, there are many registers that help facilitate this process depending on the location that the company will set up.

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