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Tips on the Method to Use when Selecting an Appropriate Art Gallery for Exhibition Purposes

Are you an artist? Probably you are new to this whole exhibiting your work concept. Or maybe you are just starting out on the professional path. As an artist, what will count the most is getting the chance to display your work. For some, this is a childhood goal. Finding a suitable art gallery is currently your top-most cause of headaches. But keep calm and let this article guide you on what to do. Before you even start the selection process, you need to find out the match between your kind of art and the potential art galleries you have in mind. Don’t rush to get art galleries on the phone when you don’t know what they stand for, their vision, preferred artistic work, price ranges, etc. So consider the following and you will be just fine.

The first and most obvious step is to establish the physical addresses of art galleries within your vicinity. For sure, art galleries are not common features so don’t expect to find them everywhere. In some cases there will only be one in town or even none. This may mean having to do some traveling out of town to find one. But at least come up with a list of art galleries that are around town. A simple search engine search or sifting through the yellow pages might get you ahead easily while still inside your home. You can get recommendations for your friends who also practice art. Ensure you generate this list as you will need it going forward.

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The next step is to make contact. Subscribe to the art galleries newsletter via email. This enables you to watch keenly what the art galleries have as their latest events and news. From here you will be able to decipher the communication strategy of the art galleries about their art and artists. Also in this day and age of social media, make an effort to follow the art galleries online and like and comment on their posts often. Finally, take time to tour each and every art gallery on the list and get a feel of each.

By this point, you will have a clue about which particular art gallery fits you and your art. So start walking into the specific place during work hours and strike conversations as often as possible. This sets the tempo for asking for some wall space at a later date during an exhibition event. Find out the price range of the art on exhibition and make sure that your prices falling within that bracket too. Don’t go handing every art gallery you see your artwork once you settle on one place. The feeling that your pieces can only be found in one particular art gallery gives them value.

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