Summer Storage Tips for College Students  

When fall comes around, college students across the country pack their bags and get ready to stay on campus for the next few months. Students typically bring most of their possessions, such as clothing, shoes, electronics, and furniture. Once they’re on campus, they accumulate even more stuff, such as books and supplies.

When the fall school term is over and it’s time to move out of a dorm or off-campus apartment, it can be quite a challenge to pack everything up and get it moved. That’s where outdoor storage units bellevue wa come in. When students rent storage units to hold their belongings until they’re needed again, they alleviate some of the stress that comes when school ends. Getting ready to move back home for the summer can be challenging for those who’ve never done it before. Here, you’ll learn which things a college student should consider storing until fall, and you’ll also get some great packing tips to get your stuff ready for the big move.


Bulky, large items such as dressers, mattresses, and futons are things most students won’t need when they’re back at home for a few months. Wrap your mattress in several fitted sheets to keep it from getting dirty and dusty in storage. Put smaller items in drawers to conserve container and box space.

Kitchen Utensils and Bedding

It’s easy to store items such as containers, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and glasses over summer break. If you’re storing fragile items, be sure to line boxes with extra newspaper or bubble wrap. Don’t forget to wrap breakables, putting heavier items in the bottom of your boxes. Leave a little space at the top for some additional packing materials. Students often buy bedding specifically for college dorm rooms, so it’s okay to store extra pillows, linens, and comforters over the summer. Pack such items in large cartons, not in plastic bags, as it may allow moisture to seep in and create mildew.

School Supplies and Books

If you’re like most students, you’ll pick up a summer job to make some extra cash for the following year. Streamline the process by leaving your supplies and books in a storage unit. Pack your books in sturdy, small boxes. Be sure to stack them horizontally, as vertical storage may damage a book’s spine.

Seasonal Clothes

Over the summer, you won’t need your sweaters or your heavy winter coat, hat, and gloves. Pack everything up and put it in a storage unit! Use wardrobe boxes or clear plastic cartons to keep your clothes damage-free until you need them again. Remember to wash all your clothes before putting it in storage. Heading off to college is an exciting time in a young person’s life, but for someone who’s never lived on their own before, knowing what to do with a room full of belongings can be a challenge. By following these easy, no-nonsense storage tips, you’ll enjoy an easier, less stressful transition between dorm life and a fun, relaxing summer break.


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