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Steps on Order Fulfillment

the only way that an ecommerce business will prosper and record success and growth is through the orders being placed by clients on a regular basis. The process involved between receiving the orders all the way to shipping the orders until their client or customer receives them is known as order fulfillment. Basically, order fulfillment has some fundamental steps. Through this article, you will be able to understand the steps involved in the process.

The first step involves receiving inventory. It is upon the business to determine whether they need to have their in-house inventory or they need to outsource the receiving of the inventory. Where the company or the business settles for the in-house option, they will always manage the whole inventory system. However, where they have outsourced the service, their supplier is always responsible of taking stock, labeling and managing all inventory systems.

The next step is the storage or rather storing inventory. This step demands that a business gets their own warehouse where they will be storing their goods. This step will ultimately place a responsibility on the business as they are solely responsible of accounting for all the items that get into the warehouse as well as those that comes out of the warehouse.

Once a customer places an order, the business should always consider processing it. It is during this step that one gets the items from the warehouse. Once the items have been removed from the warehouse, they need to get to the packaging station. It deems fit that these items be inspected before they can be boxed as a way of determining whether they are faulty by any means. The last move on this step involves getting the boxed items to the shipping station.

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The packaged orders should be shipped or sent to the customer. Businesses that doesn’t need the complexities involved in shipping the items will always deal with a company that deals with shipments. Before a shipment can be categorized, there are factors to be considered. Therefore, the company should understand the size, the weight or even the nature of the shipment.

The last thing that happens in the process is handling return goods. Clients are prone to return the items anyhow. There is need to understand that there are genuine reasons and other clients don’t have a reason at all. It is therefore fundamental to have crystal policies. It is through the policies that the company or the business decides whether to accept the returned item or not.

Through the above information, you get enough data about the steps. Generally, these steps should always follow a sequence. For instance, there is no way that one can return products without ordering or receiving them first.