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Reason Why Indian Administrative Service Is a Competitive Employer
The current generation is interested I getting government jobs which guarantee more job security than a hefty salary. The reason for this is because many people appreciate the fact that it can be stressing to get a well paying job and then lose it within the next months. With the numerous salary reforms in the government then public jobs have started to pay well and are becoming competitive. This has made the Indian administrative service the best employer in India. Since the Indian administrative service has the best salaries, benefits in electricity and housing, it is the best employer to work with. The fact ha many people turn up for the Indian administrative service exam is proof that this is the king employer. This website evaluates a number of factors that make Indian administrative service great.
The first benefit is that Indian administrative officers are very powerful. When you become an Indian administrative officer you become extremely powerful. For state government to take action against Indian administrative officers it as to obtain permission from the MHRD. Indian administrative officers do not have the common troubles which affect those people who do not have relatives in the high most classes. This is a demonstration of the power possessed by these officers.
The next aspect that makes Indian administrative service great is the pay. Indian administrative officers receive huge compensations in terms of travel,housing and telephone allowance. This is in contrary to many private companies which only p well but do not compensate their workers for travel housing and telephone needs.
Furthermore most parents dream of having children work in the Indian administrative service. A research of most Indian villages show that Indian administrative officers are seen as gods. For this reason many parents want their sons to be part of the Indian administrative service.The honer and respect associated with working for this service is purely inherent and peerless.The grandeur of the an Indian administrative officer is unmatched and even more envious even for those who have graduated from reputable universities in the world.
You will have job security when you work for the Indian administrative service. Most private companies are quick to give you a job but will terminate your services at the slightest provocation. Those who wish to work for many years should purpose to work in the Indian administrative service.This give you peace of mind because you will not live in fear of being sacked or losing the position.
The reasons should make you aspire to become an Indian administrative officer. Check it out here in this site for more help.

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